What do HTML5 and Tupac Shakur have in common?

Tupac Shakur was believed to have been dead for over 15 years. Well, and he sort of still is. But in today’s tech-driven society reality can be re-programed, rendered, and projected onto a stage in front of tens of thousands of fans.

This past weekend, for just under five minutes Tupac came back to life. And thanks to footage uploaded to YouTube, millions have witnessed the comeback of the decade. The hype and viewer interest has already pushed the possibility of a “virtual Tupac tour in coming months.”

Against all odds, Tupac is officially back. But he’s not alone.

Against all odds on the tech-front another resurrection is brewing. Just like ‘Pac, it’s been believed for sometime now that the “web is dead”. Wired Magazine said it over a year ago. So too did Scientific America. And many others are saying it.

But, with the help of HTML5, the web is poised for a comeback.

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How much should it cost to build a website?

We hear this question a lot. Many clients are either starting a business or replacing an outdated website. The initial response is ‘What is your budget?”. Of course that is typically a big secret. Clients are shopping around for the best deal.

So the next logical step is to figure out what the business objectives are. Lead generation? Sales? To create brand awareness? Some businesses are easier than others. We typically look for the shortest route from where they are now to the next logical phase. How to get something useful in market.

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Create web pages that adapt down to mobile with responsive design

There’s a universal experience that almost every smartphone or tablet user is familiar with. And it’s a frustrating one. But, before I describe this vexing encounter I want you to memorize the name of its solution. Why? Because very soon it’s going to be a staple of web-design across all platforms. So, without further ado, everybody…say hello to: “responsive design”.

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The golden age of user experience has arrived

There was once a successful entrepreneur who would spend excessive amounts of time and resources on the minute details and aesthetics of his products. He didn’t care if the result was a huge spike in manufacturing and end-market costs. This man was vehemently opposed to compromising the integrity of even the most insignificant facet of engineering or design. Most people in his company thought he was crazy:

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